Kisaran Ulysse Race Car Zigzag:Kisaran
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Ulysse Race Car Zigzag:Kisaran

Ulysse Published in October 15, 2018, 11:29 am
 Ulysse Race Car Zigzag:Kisaran

Ulysse Race Car Zigzag:Kisaran

Price:£14.99+ Free shipping with Marafon-bk Prime

Lucy Reply to on 18 October 2017
Bought as a1st birthday present for our daughter. She loves watching the cars rattle down; they're in one long line, it's very aesthetically pleasing to watch them drop! The bottom plate isn't attached, it slides in to a groove; this works well for us as it makes it nice and easy to store on the shelf. Easily a 5* review, we're delighted with it.
L_ouise Reply to on 27 December 2016
I really like this and so do my children, the click click click as the train descends is very satisfying.

Unfortunately my baby briefly put the train in her mouth and the moisture seems to have significantly reduced the fluidity of the movement.
Tommy Reply to on 22 May 2018
some loves it - again cheap and practical
Pik Master
Pik Master Reply to on 1 March 2016
Generally OK, but for short period of time. Somewhat fragile, the base is not holding the whole construction too well. It fell once and one of the leaves got damaged - I had to fix it by adding another screw.
eleri duggan
eleri duggan Reply to on 25 May 2017
Miss Happy
Miss Happy Reply to on 14 February 2016
Fun toy - never known a child not to enjoy playing with it! Adults too!
Miss KAT Crawford
Miss KAT Crawford Reply to on 8 January 2016
Super wee toy, good quality, looks nice, entertains kids and adults alike!
Gouri Kubair
Gouri Kubair Reply to on 10 February 2013
Very well made toy - even my husband and I love playing with it! Initially my 18 month old struggled a bit soon got to grips with it.
tezzat Reply to on 10 August 2014
My 8 month old Grandson loves it and soon mastered how to place the cars. Hours of fun....
Roopedoo Reply to on 28 July 2015
Hours of fun!!
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